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Portland has over 500 hundred Food Carts to choose from!! So where do you begin? Taste Portland Tours has eaten at just about every food cart downtown to select 8 of the very best that are pushing the envelope of what delicious can be.

Our expert local guides provide an entertaining insider’s view into the culture and story behind the Food Carts!

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Erika and Dash

“We had such a good time on the brunch tour! We were amazed by Portland’s commitment to local, fresh ingredients- it really made all the difference.”

Jonathon and Tamara

“The food cart tour was awesome and the food was delicious. Our tour guide, Erik, told us the start-up story of each food cart owner and how they decided to become a “Cartrepreneur.” We were glad that he had already chosen the best carts because we passed about 60 or 70 food carts in 2 hours and we would have been totally lost without his recommendations!”

Leah, Michael, and Meredith

“Karen was the best tour guide! The three of us have always been obsessed with brunch, but Taste Portland’s brunch tour took it to a whole new level. We loved the hot chocolate, artisan donuts, and the lemon ricotta pancakes.”

Meet Your Guides


Erik Kennon’s life revolves around food. He has a cooking and travel show on YouTube and has appeared on TV shows about food around the world. Erik has spent the last few years getting to know the owners of Portland’s best food carts and restaurants, and in the process has uncovered some of the most delicious meals EVER. In fact, Mr. Kennon used to give culinary tours of Southern Spain and Portugal, one tapa at a time. These days he spends his time exploring Portland’s thriving food scene. His daily Free Walking Tour, Secrets of Portlandia, has over 500 5-star reviews on Trip Advisor!


Karen’s love affair with food began during her childhood in New Orleans- she grew up in a neighborhood that was a melting pot of flavors and culinary inspirations. Her father, Bill, often packed whole boiled crab or chicken giblets (that’s the hearts, livers, and gizzards) in her lunch box to take to elementary school. When her family made the move to Texas, she happily learned all about BBQ brisket and ribs, served both at home and from some of the original food carts.

Karen fell in love with Portland while on vacation and moved here in 1989. She started out by savoring and cooking with fresh ingredients from the farmer’s markets. While Portland’s food scene evolved from ordinary to extraordinary, Karen’s passion grew to encompass the myriad of food carts, restaurants, and bakeries that have put Portland on the worldwide culinary map.

After working and dining in downtown Portland for almost twenty years, Karen has a true insider’s knowledge of the eating establishments in the heart of the city, which is where your tours begin. Now she has drawn upon that experience to select the best-of-the-best for your tour!