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Portland has over 500 hundred Food Carts to choose from!! So where do you begin? Taste Portland Tours has eaten at just about every food cart downtown to select 10 of the very best that are pushing the envelope of what delicious can be. We did the research so you don’t have to. Our expert local guides provide an entertaining insider’s view into the culture and story behind each food cart, tying it together with the wonderful tastings we enjoy. In fact, we often refer to the largest Food Cart Pod as “The United Nations” because it looks like a little UN meeting with snacks before the meeting! Together we’ll visit the cuisines of Colombia, China, Italy,  Vietnam, Haiti, Germany, Korea, India, Israel, and one little tiny island that is found in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius. You’ll receive 8 samples at the 8 best carts, and we made special deals with all of the owners so you get to skip the lines, too.

Whether you’re visiting Portland for the very first time or are a lifetime resident who is eager to enjoy a tourist experience in your backyard with friends and family, we’re sure that you’ll walk away with a smile, a satisfied appetite, and a new appreciation for Portland’s commitment to food quality and originality.

Tour Price

$45 Per person (food costs included!)

Tour Times

Monday – Saturday at 1:30pm

Availability varies by season. Please call or click on “Buy Tickets” for availability.

Tour Location:

Food Cart Tastings May Include:

  • Colombian Empanadas
    This Colombian staple has a crispy cornmeal crust on the outside but sweet, gooey cheese on the inside! A crowd pleaser. Chicken empanadas are also available, served with a zippy red bell pepper and green onion salsa called “Aji”
  • Chinese “Lollipop” Chicken Wings
    Mama Chow’s Secret Recipe- we have to call in and reserve some, otherwise they always sell out!
  • French Toast Strips
    Like you have never tasted before – made from egg rich locally baked Challah bread
  • Bacon Wrapped Dates
    Celebrating Portland’s love affair with bacon, these come straight from Portland’s hip “Paleo Diet” cart
  • Stretch the Noodle
    Hand-pulled western Chinese noodles spiced to perfection
  • BBQ Sliders
    Slow cooked brisket or pulled pork, each in its own little bun
  • German Bratwurst
    Fresh link sausage from an original secret recipe
  • Polish Dessert Perogi
    Plump little pockets stuffed with in-season fruits and sweet cheeses
  • Vietnamese “Bahn Mi” Sandwich
    Vietnamese lemongrass grilled chicken on a crispy french baguette with fresh cucumber and tomato. Vietnam’s version of the Po-Boy!
  • Corn and Coconut Hush Puppies
    A southeast Asian take on a southern classic or Thailand meets Lousiana
  • Not So Chinese Dumplings
    Tender fusion dumplings with a creative spin – bacon cheeseburger dumpling, anyone?
  • Balklava
    Perfectly crushed walnuts amongst a many layered paper-thin crisp drenched in honey and a splash of rose water
  • Falafel
    These middle eastern bites are flavorful, fluffy, and ready to be dipped in a homemade hummus. 
  • Bao
    There’s a reason these little steamed buns are the Chinese word for “Treasure.” Inside you may find a savory mushroom filling, or perhaps green onion and pork…
  • Caprese Piadina
    A 9th generation Italian Bakery makes the flatbread for a grilled Italian sandwich full of locally made mozzarella and fresh tomatoes!
  • Korean Taco
    This marriage between Mexican and Korean cuisine was first officiated in Los Angeles, but has now become all the rage in Portland. You’ve never tried anything like it!

Tour Facts

  • 1.5 hour duration
  • Visits several downtown food pods
  • Samples at 8 of the best food carts in town
  • Easy walking on flat city blocks
  • Rain or shine!
  • All food included in tour price

Tour Facts

  • 2 hour duration
  • Visits several downtown food pods
  • 10 of the best carts in town
  • Easy walking on flat city blocks
  • Rain or shine!
  • All food included in tour price

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